The Rodriguez Law Group is a criminal defense firm in Los Angeles, CA. They focus on serious federal and state criminal matters.

Starting Point

We launched The Rodriguez Law Group site in July 2013. The site was brand new.

The LawRank Approach

Our initial goal was to rank the site on the first page for the most competitive terms.

We also focused on developing content around the different penal codes.

Our goal was to get relevant traffic to the site by clearly and concisely explaining the various California Penal Codes.

The Proof

We have achieved top rankings for all of the high-volume keywords in Los Angeles, including:

Los Angeles criminal lawyer

  • Monthly Keyword Traffic: 3,600

Los Angeles criminal defense attorney

  • Monthly Keyword Traffic: 2,400

Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer

  • Monthly Keyword Traffic: 2,400

The site has an average of 11,000 monthly visitors. It has consistently ranked on the 1st page since August 2013. It was launched in June 2013.

“LawRank was instrumental in helping me grow my law firm. They handled every aspect of my online marketing, worked with my team to make sure incoming leads were properly handled, and have consistently ranked me on the first page of Google for the top keywords. Hiring LawRank was the best decision I have ever made.”

Ambrosio Rodriguez


Criminal Defense Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

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