How To Find the Best Legal Marketing Agency

You’re looking to grow your business, but you’re unsure how to develop a marketing plan on top of your busy caseload. Likewise, you know you need a better website but don’t know which legal marketing companies best fit your needs. 

Selecting the best legal marketing agency for your law firm is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. But with so many marketing companies, how can you know which is right for you?

Fear not; this article has you covered. Below, we’ll discuss the services legal marketing agencies offer and the do’s and don’ts of finding the best legal marketing agency.

What Kinds of Services Do Legal Marketing Agencies Offer? 

Legal marketing services don’t come in just one flavor. A SEO or marketing agency can offer dozens of services to your firm, depending on their size and expertise. 

Here are a few primary services that most legal marketing agencies offer::

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is one of the most critical components of any successful online marketing campaign. SEO refers to strategies (such as link-building) aimed at ranking your web pages highly on search engine results. It’s one of the major ways to drive traffic to your website and leads to your firm.
  • Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC). A tried-and-true form of advertising, PPC allows you to place paid ads on leading online platforms like Google and Facebook. With PPC, you pay the platform (or “host) each time someone clicks on that ad to visit your website. If no one clicks on your ad, you don’t pay.
  • Content marketing. This is a broad term that refers to several different marketing strategies – video content, email marketing, and social media, to name a few.
  • Design. Some legal marketing agencies offer design services and can design everything from your website to your logo.

Depending on your goals, you may only need one service or all of them. The best legal marketing agencies typically utilize a combination of these services to help increase your visibility online. 

Is a Legal Marketing Agency Worth It? 

As you can see, legal marketing companies offer many different services to help lawyers grow their business. But you’re probably wondering if hiring a legal marketing agency for your law firm is worth it. 

Legal marketing is crucial for lead generation and growing your revenue. However, law firm marketing – particularly legal SEO and other digital marketing strategies for lawyers – is highly competitive and demanding. There are many moving parts requiring immense amounts of time and experience. 

You may think you can tackle your firm’s legal marketing on your own. However, it’s a full-time undertaking, and you need time to focus on your clients and run your practice.

Alternatively, you could hire someone to handle your law firm marketing internally. But you’d need someone who is proficient in SEO, graphic design, website design, legal content writing, email marketing, social media management, and more. That’s a lot for one person to take on. 

A quality legal marketing agency will have a full-service team of experts handling each component of your marketing campaign. They’ll build a custom plan tailored to your firm’s practice area, geographic location, and marketing goals. 

Notably, a legal marketing company will be available around the clock to monitor the effectiveness of your firm’s marketing strategies and adjust their approach if the methods aren’t performing successfully. This is crucial because legal marketing is constantly evolving. The tactics that are working now may not be effective in the future. 

You need legal marketing experts on your side to ensure that you remain relevant in this highly competitive domain. 

What Not To Do When Searching for a Legal Marketing Agency

Of course, we’ll share tips on how to find the best legal marketing agency. But before that, it can be helpful to talk about what not to do when searching for a legal marketing company. 

Here are a few “don’ts” to remember:

Just because a company ranks well for certain keyword terms doesn’t mean it’s equipped to handle your marketing needs. It’s one thing for the agency to appear prominently for search results related to its own target keywords. But it’s another for the agency to rank clients for competitive keywords in their legal markets. The latter is far more important for your law firm.

That’s why basing your hiring decision solely on what agency ranks first in one search on Google is a bad idea. You need to investigate whether they can help you get where you want to be on search engines.

2. Don’t just search for your city and target keyword and see what law firm appears.

Some lawyers might be tempted to scroll to the bottom of a website that ranks for their target keyword to see what agency the firm uses. This strategy hinges on the idea that an agency that ranked another law firm for your keyword must necessarily be the agency you hire to get the same results. Similar to the last “don’t,” this strategy is a bit short-sighted.

Such an agency may be a good fit for you, but it is not automatic. You cannot be sure that the agency has done (or still is doing) all the work to get the firm to rank. Your competitor firm may have used additional external resources or in-house marketing staff to help them rank. 

Moreover, if you’re not in hyper-competitive practice areas or geographic regions, the content may be low-quality and still rank. If so, you should probably not hire the SEO agency responsible for the website.

3. Don’t believe you shouldn’t hire an SEO agency

Many law firms are skeptical of legal marketing. To be sure, SEO agencies do produce mixed results. However, if you have searched for and found the answer to a question or issue on Google — legal or nonlegal — you have likely seen good SEO at work. 

The companies that rank on the first pages of search engines for competitive keywords in competitive geographic areas invariably devote substantial resources to SEO, especially in the legal industry. In fact, the majority of them are working with SEO agencies to help them rank.

You shouldn’t believe that you should never hire an SEO agency. If you want to get on the first pages of Google for the keyword terms that matter, you might have to. Therefore, you should look for the best legal marketing agency for your firm.

LawRank has a demonstrated history of helping law firms rank for highly competitive terms in the hottest markets. We’ve helped attorneys increase traffic to their website by as much as 600% and helped get them the quality leads they deserve. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Law Firm 

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Law Firm 

Now that you understand the importance of legal marketing agencies, their service offerings, and what not to do when searching for one, let’s review some tips for choosing the best digital marketing agency for your law practice.

1. Define Your Marketing Goals and Budget

Before starting your legal marketing agency search, the first thing you should do is outline your marketing goals. That will help you hone in on which services your firm needs. If you’re not sure what you seek to accomplish, don’t panic. 

Here are some questions to consider when developing your marketing goals: 

  • Who is your target audience (i.e., the client base you’re trying to attract)? 
  • How does your target audience look for legal services in your area? 
  • How competitive is your practice area in your geographic region? 
  • Are you more interested in strategies that generate short-term benefits or those that provide long-term value (or a mixture of both)? 
  • What marketing strategies are your competitors implementing to engage with prospective clients? 
  • Do you already have a law firm website? If so, how is it currently performing? 
  • How many new client leads do you want to generate from your marketing efforts?
  • Do you have a system in place to convert client leads to paying clients?  
  • Is your law firm new or well-established?

Another crucial consideration is your legal marketing budget, which depends on your marketing objectives. Determining your budget early on will help you manage your expectations, measure the progress of your marketing efforts, and track your return on investment. 

There are many digital marketing agencies, but you need to select one with experience handling law firm marketing. As you probably know, lawyers must adhere to their respective jurisdiction’s ethical rules regarding attorney advertising and solicitation. 

For example, many states require statements regarding an attorney’s past success to include a disclaimer that past results don’t guarantee a similar outcome in the future. Others require statements regarding contingency fees to disclose that clients may be liable for costs or expenses. 

Your marketing agency needs to have experience in the legal industry to ensure that your website doesn’t contain content that violates attorney ethics rules. Ideally, they have experience in your practice area (family law, personal injury, criminal defense, etc.). Ask to see examples of what they’ve done for other legal clients and the results they’ve obtained. If they don’t have any legal clients, it’s probably best to continue searching for a better fit. 

Violating attorney ethical rules could result in censure, suspension, or disbarment, so your digital marketing agency must be well-versed in legal advertising and your state’s Rules of Professional Conduct. 

3. Request Case Studies and Results of Current or Previous Clients

There is no better way to determine the quality of an SEO agency’s services than its track record with former clients. Therefore, you should ask the agency for case studies that show its successes on behalf of current or former clients. Multiple positive case studies can demonstrate that the agency has a successful strategy and process for ranking projects. 

4. Ask Whether They Have the Resources to Meet Your Goals

Ensure that the legal marketing agency you’re looking at can achieve what you’re considering hiring them to achieve. Not all legal marketing agencies offer the same kinds of services (as discussed above), and within that, not all of them have the knowledge and ability to carry out those services optimally.

There are a few things you can do to determine whether the agency has the resources you need. You can ask the agency about what they are doing for their current clients and ask for examples of their work. A proven track record goes a long way in giving you peace of mind that the agency can do the same for you. 

It’s also a good idea to be clear about your expectations before hiring the agency. You’ll want to make sure your agreement with the agency when you eventually select and hire it is clear and in writing. It’s about making sure the agency offers the kinds of services you need and that they’ve successfully implemented those services with other clients.

5. Ask About their Processes 

Not all legal marketing agencies operate the same way, and not all of them put forth the same efforts toward achieving the same sorts of goals for their clients. That’s why, when looking for the best legal marketing agency, you should ask questions like:

  • Who will I work with?
  • How will we communicate?
  • How will you track my results?

The goal is to gain insight into how your relationship with the agency will play out upfront so that you can be sure the relationship will be a fruitful one. You may prefer to communicate via one means of communication and with a single point person within the agency. If the agency cannot accommodate those needs because that’s not how they operate, you can cross that agency off your list.

6. Ask About the Costs and Fee Structures for Their Services

Different SEO agencies will use slightly different contracts and fee structures for their services. You should make sure you’re clear on how your SEO agency bills and the length of your contractual relationship with them.

Here are some questions you should be prepared to ask?

  • Do you charge an hourly rate or monthly fee?
  • Do the fees vary from month to month?
  • Can I adjust the level of my services?
  • Do you require a minimum fee or contract length?

By learning the agency’s fees and structures, you can understand (1) how much you need to budget for marketing and (2) how to track your ROI.

7. Ask How Long It Will Take To See Results

SEO is a process. Even if your agency creates the best legal content on the internet, it won’t rank overnight. Therefore, you should ask your agency how long it will take to see the results of your project. You should also understand that “results” can mean different things. 

Your SEO agency ought to give you a firm estimate of when the time it will take to develop and launch your website. However, they might not be able to pinpoint exactly how long it will take to reach SERPs for your target keywords. Studies suggest that 95% of newly published pages don’t break into the top 10 organic listings on Google within a year. The ones that do typically take about two to six months to rank.

Setting realistic expectations for when you should see results can help facilitate a positive relationship between you and your agency.

LawRank Can Help With All Your Legal Marketing Needs

Legal marketing is pivotal to the success of your law practice. However, it takes time, money, and continual monitoring and adjustments to be successful. You need a legal marketing agency with experience, resources, and a track record of success managing your online presence and growing your brand. 

That’s where LawRank comes in. We’re a premier legal marketing agency specializing in SEO, web design, and PPC for lawyers. We’ve successfully customized and managed dozens of law firms’ digital marketing campaigns, achieving first-page rankings for some of the most popular keywords. 

Our SEO experts will create and implement a marketing plan tailored to your law firm’s needs to drive traffic to your website and generate more business. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you meet your legal marketing goals.