“Juries do not want to root for someone who’s just feeling sorry for themselves…Juries and human beings naturally want to fight for an underdog.”

On this week’s episode Maria chats with associate attorney Robbie Munoz. They discuss experiencing medical malpractice first hand, splitting time between the classroom and the courtroom, how to best present a client to a jury and Robbie’s most embarrassing moment.


03:36 They operated on my wrong knee

22:45 The Suzuki case

37:59 Building a client’s story

Guest Robbie Munoz is an amateur boxer turned lawyer for The Simon Law Group who won his first two cases while still in law school. Robbie’s unique perspective formed by first hand experience of medical malpractice has led him to great success, including a $160 million verdict against the Suzuki Motor Corporation.

You can get in touch with Robbie at https://www.thesimonlawgroup.com

Host Maria Monroy (@marialawrank on Instagram) is the Co-founder and President of LawRank, a leading SEO company for law firms since 2013. She has a knack for breaking down complex topics to make them more easily accessible and started Tip the Scales to share her knowledge with listeners like you.

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