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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are a great way to get the phone ringing immediately. We offer short-term contracts and charge 20% of your monthly ad spend.

Call us today at 833-LAWRANK (833-529-7265) to find out more about running your Google Adwords campaign.

Hear from our clients

“LawRank will tell you the good and bad about SEO so you can make an informed decision. No one else did that. LawRank doesn’t leave you guessing.

They keep you up to date with their progress and work they have done. Within a few months, we went from 5 leads a day to 15”

David J. Munoz

David J. Munoz

Personal Injury Attorney San Diego, CA

“We were reluctant to enter into yet another contract with a company claiming to have expertise in SEO given our past experiences with so-called experts.

We…couldn’t be any more satisfied than we are with what we have experienced so far.

Todd Lasky

Todd Lasky

Personal Injury Attorney, Philadelphia, PA

“I’ve been working with LawRank as my SEO agency for many years, and they have ranked me for the most competitive family law and divorce terms.

They also did a great job getting me into the local pack.

I strongly recommend them!”

Hossein Berenji

Hossein Berenji

Family Law Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“LawRank has done an amazing job. My site was penalized and received no traffic. They removed the penalty, got the site ranking well again, and got the phone ringing. We love the new website and we get compliments on it all the time. I strongly recommend LawRank for legal marketing, SEO, and web design.”

Steven Fernandez

Steven Fernandez

Divorce Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been working with LawRank for over three years. They designed my site, produce ongoing content and manage my Google Ads. They flew their photographer to take my pictures and I met with Maria in person! They are very responsive, honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!”

Kael Briski

Kael Briski

Employment Attorney, San Jose, CA

“We just started working with LawRank on a project to help boost our overall website presence/rankings for a particular office location and we are very pleased with their services. The LawRank team is quick to respond, honest and open about their marketing strategies. It’s been a great experience. If you are in need of legal marketing services, we recommend LawRank.”

Joseph Suhre

Joseph Suhre

Criminal Defense Attorney, Cincinnati, OH

“I just started working with LawRank and so far they have been great. I’ve worked with many marketing companies in the past and they make the process easy and transparent. They also took the time to organize all my marketing materials so it will always be easy to access. Like I said, so far it’s been a great experience and I based on that, I can strongly recommend them.”

Melanie Demps

Melanie Demps

Divorce Attorney, Orlando, FL

“LawRank is a very trustworthy company. They did a great job ranking me on the first page of Google and always provided me with excellent customer service.”

John Rapillo

John Rapillo

Personal Injury Attorney, Orange County, CA

“We hired LawRank to handle our online marketing including SEO, PPC, and web design. They have done an amazing job getting us leads via organic SEO and Google Adwords. We highly recommend LawRank to any attorney.”

Sherwin Arzani

Sherwin Arzani

Personal Injury Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“LawRank is honest, transparent and very helpful. They were able to answer questions that other marketing companies couldn’t answer.”

Michael Panella

Michael Panella

Criminal Defense Attorney, Orlando, FL

“LawRank has done a great job. They are trustworthy and easy to work with. I’ve dealt with other marketing companies in the past but we never got the results that LawRank has delivered. Our phone rings all day. We couldn’t be happier!”

Roxanne Saint Marie

Roxanne Saint Marie

Director of Client Relations, Fernandez & Karney, Los Angeles, CA

“LawRank has done a great job in driving leads to the firm. The phone is constantly ringing. I’m really impressed with the work they’ve done. Highly recommended.”

Sean Perez

Sean Perez

Criminal Defense Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“LawRank has done a great job with my marketing. My new website looks great and they produce high-quality content. They’re also very responsive. When I call or email, I always get an immediate response. I’m very happy to have LawRank handling my online marketing.”

Joseph Fantini

Joseph Fantini

Mass Torts Injury Lawyer, Philadelphia, PA

“LawRank is a great company! They designed an amazing website for us that has produced positive results. They were in touch every step of the way while designing the website and through the marketing process as well. When you have a question they respond immediately. Maria, Mariano and the rest of the LawRank team really care about their clients being satisfied with the results. We would highly recommend LawRank!”

Becky Roman

Becky Roman

Director of Operations, Briski Law Firm, San Jose, CA

When I decided to hire an SEO company, I did my research and compiled my questions for the companies my firm was considering. The only company that was able to answer all of our questions was LawRank. After working with them for a few years now, integrity and transparency continues to be the highest priority for their clients and the work they do. Their team members are responsive and provide top-notch customer service. The increase in calls to our firm can be directly traced to our 1st page Google rankings because of their organic SEO work. We continue to get compliments on the website they created for us and I would recommend LawRank without hesitation.

Puja Sachdev

Puja Sachdev

Divorce Attorney, San Diego, CA

Why trust LawRank to run your PPC campaign?

We only work with attorneys

Running Google Ads for lawyers is competitive. LawRank™ works exclusively with attorney Google Ads. We know how to maximize your return on investment.

Proven track record of success

LawRank™ has real-world experience in running successful campaigns in some of the most competitive markets including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago.

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We are certified Google Partners

Our law firm SEO agency is a certified Google Partner. One can only become a Certified Partner by demonstrating a high-level of expertise in running Google Ad campaigns.

Precision tracking to maximize your ROI

Google Ads is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Our dedicated team carefully tracks your campaign’s performance. We adapt to the changes in the market to maximize your returns and profit.

What are the benefits of a PPC campaign compared to organic SEO?

Immediate Leads

When you launch a PPC campaign, you can expect the phone to start ringing immediately. An Organic SEO campaign can take months to generate leads.

Precise targeting

With Google Ads, you can precisely target the type of legal consumer that you’re looking for. That level of exactness is difficult to achieve with Organic SEO.

Clear return on investment metrics

With Google Ads, you’ll know exactly how much you spent per day, how many leads you received, and the approximate worth of those leads. Organic SEO is a long-term investment, which makes calculating ROI more difficult.

PPC works on your schedule

As an attorney, your schedule can be unpredictable. With Google Ads, you can schedule them when it makes sense for you.

Our PPC services include:

  • Call tracking

    We include CallRail call tracking software so that you have detailed user info per call.

  • Google AdWords dashboard

    We provide real-time reporting via AgencyAnalytics software. You’ll know exactly how much your spending per campaign.

  • Landing Page

    We include a landing page designed to turn clicks into calls. Our landing page is A/B tested to maximize your leads.

  • Unlimited campaigns

    Our PPC clients receive unlimited campaigns. This allows us to hyper-target keywords and maximize your return.

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Is PPC right for you?

A PPC campaign is a great way to get highly-targeted leads into your law firm today. To determine if PPC is a good fit for you, these are the top two questions you should consider:

Is someone on your team able to answer the calls that are generated through PPC?

People who click on a Google Ad often want assistance immediately. If you’re going to run ads, we recommend that your team be available to answer calls as they come in. Even if you get a voicemail from a PPC call, they likely moved on to the next person in the search results by the time you called back.

Are you available to meet with the prospective client within 48 hours?

From our experience, PPC campaigns work best if someone on your team is available to meet with the client within 48 hours. Unfortunately, prospective clients often call several attorneys and will meet with the first one that’s available.