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  • Nov 29, 2023

    57. Leadership, Hiring, and Leveraging Social Media

    The secret to doing it all is having a strong team. If you want to grow your business, you have to empower them to take charge. A single person can only accomplish so much. Don’t be afraid to let go. You may be surprised at what they can accomplish without you. “At the heart of it all, I’m a person who wants to empower others to take control of their lives and future.”

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  • Nov 22, 2023

    56. Becoming a Social Media Sensation

    For some, success can be a long road, and for others, it can happen overnight. The quality that both these people have in common is staying true to who they are, no matter how long it takes. Jefferson Fisher is a board-certified Texas trial lawyer and founder of Fisher Firm, which has over 6 million followers on social media. He enjoys teaching people to persuade and communicate effectively in high-conflict situations. “I help people argue less so they can talk more.”

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  • Nov 15, 2023

    55. Growing Your Business by Building a Personal Brand

    As a Miami native, attorney Amanda Demanda stands up to big insurance companies and businesses in pursuit of justice. She focuses her practice specifically on representing people injured due to the negligence or unsafe practices of others. Amanda firmly believes that products, places, and health care are made safer through lawsuits that shed light upon unsafe products and practices.

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  • Nov 8, 2023

    54. Authentic Branding and Social Media Success

    Hitting rock bottom doesn’t mean the end. Things may seem bleak, but you can get through it. Reach out to loved ones around you and ask for their help. You may be surprised at how supportive others can be and how strong you actually are. James (TopDog) Helm almost ruined his life fighting a crippling pill addiction from ages 17 to 25. Now sober since 2016, James has grown TopDog Law into one of the most successful law firms in Philadelphia.

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  • Nov 1, 2023

    53. A Trial Lawyer's Path to Health and Working With Family

    Having the odds stacked against you doesn’t mean giving up. Finding your path may be tough, but with hard work and determination, the possibilities are endless. Gary has held the record for the highest jury verdicts in numerous courthouses, including a staggering $125 million-dollar jury verdict in Ventura County in 2016. He went directly from high school to law school, never attending college. He put himself through a four-year night program while working at a law office, where he started as a file room clerk. Immediately after passing the bar, Mr. Dordick opened his own law firm, starting out with no employees.

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  • Oct 25, 2023

    52. Reducing Alcohol Intake and Starting Your Own Firm

    Life isn’t perfect. Things get in the way. Issues arise. Problems come up. Don’t let that dissuade you from following your dreams. As a trial attorney in Baltimore, Joe Volta focuses his practice on complex product liability litigation.  Additionally, he works with clients to handle a variety of cases that include general business concerns, auto and motorcycle negligence, wrongful death, truck accidents, and premises liability.

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  • Oct 18, 2023

    51. Why Trial Lawyers Should Advertise, and Buying and Selling a Law Firm

    Should you put your face on a billboard? What about starting a TV show? Do people still use the Yellow Pages? Can I get leads off of magnets in 2023? Is there money in acquiring law firms? Get answers to all these questions and more as we discuss advertising and acquisition with Pennsylvania attorney Ed Ciarimboli.

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  • Oct 11, 2023

    50. Optimizing Your Health and Your Law Firm

    Michael Mogill began Crisp in 2012 with $500 to his name. What started as a video production company for law firms has transformed into a multi-million dollar corporation with services spanning everything from executive coaching to AI auto-attendants.

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  • Oct 4, 2023

    49. Jay Vaughn - Traumatic Brain Injury Cases: Understanding Them, Working Them, & Educating Others

    Traumatic brain injury (TBI), one of Jay’s areas of expertise, is a leading cause of death and disability among children and young adults in the United States. Each year an estimated 1.5 million Americans sustain a TBI.

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  • Sep 21, 2023

    48. Become Worldly: Navigating English Law and Finding Your Inner Peace

    English law, monastery living, and university court cases. That sounds like enough topics for three podcasts, but for seasoned litigator and world traveler Andre Regard, it’s just one. Join us as Andre gives us insight into his worldly life.

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  • Sep 13, 2023

    47. Live, Work, Relax: Becoming a Modern Renaissance Man

    For some, running one company is enough. Try running five or six. This week we sit down with lawyer, entrepreneur, game show contestant, Dungeons and Dragons princess, Law-Di-Gras extraordinaire, and twin, Bob Simon.

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  • Sep 6, 2023

    46. Invest in Intake: Converting Calls to Cases

    Many law firms, both new and old, put intake at the end of their to-do list. They make the classic mistake of not putting customer service first. Learn from Mark Anderson why intake should be one of your top priorities and the right way to go about it.

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  • Aug 30, 2023

    45. Embrace Change: Making Remote Work For You

    If you want to run a successful firm, one of the most important skills you can have is being able to adapt. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many law firms to rapidly adjust to new work procedures, including everything from remote workers to digital case management. And even now, in the aftermath of the pandemic, Chad Dudley is focused on staying on the cutting edge of firm management.

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  • Aug 23, 2023

    44. Spotlight on EvenUp: Leveraging AI to Level the PI Playing Field

    Often, crafting a solid demand letter is critical to getting a fair settlement for your clients. But writing demand letters is a time-consuming process, and managing it in-house can limit your ability to grow your law firm. EvenUp is a software company dedicated to helping law firms of all sizes streamline their demand process and get better results for their clients.

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  • Aug 16, 2023

    43. Spotlight on Esquire Tek: How AI Is Revolutionizing Discovery

    Discovery is one of the most tedious parts of the personal injury litigation process. You and your staff may spend as long as ten hours working on discovery for just one case. But what would you say if we told you there’s a way you can cut that time down to just two hours?

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  • Aug 9, 2023

    42. Crunch the Numbers: Using Big Data to Achieve Better Verdicts

    Too often, lawyers use guesswork to make decisions in cases worth tens of millions of dollars. And while gut feelings can be powerful, what if you could make decisions based on hard data instead? That’s exactly what John Campbell is helping lawyers do every day.

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  • Aug 2, 2023

    41. Create Abundance: Changing Your Mindset to Cultivate a Richer Life

    Oftentimes, we feel powerless in our lives. You may feel like things happen to you outside of your control and that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t create a life that feels joyfully authentic. David Bayer is here to tell you that you do have the power to cultivate a richer life and that it all starts with changing your mindset.

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  • Jul 23, 2023

    40. Stay Hungry: Looking for Growth Opportunities

    One of the keys to being a successful lawyer is always looking for ways to grow and improve. Learning to use new technological tools, doing self-work, and shaking things up at your firm can help you stay at the top of your game. Darryl Isaacs has perfected this skill over the course of his immensely successful career.

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  • Jul 19, 2023

    39. Be a Champion: Unleashing Wellness for Victorious Verdicts

    Winning big verdicts at trial takes more than just having the facts in order. As a lawyer, you need to be at your best, ready to pivot to meet any new challenge as it arises. You are your clients’ champion, and you need to be battle-ready as soon as you step into the courtroom.

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  • Jul 12, 2023

    38. Rewrite Your Sticky Notes: Fostering Intentional Optimism

    So many of us go through life every day feeling like we have little control over what happens to us. Planes get delayed, kids get sick, and we find ourselves frustrated, stressed, and generally unhappy. And while we may not be able to stop travel delays or illnesses, Joe Fried believes that we do have control over how we respond to these situations.

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  • Jul 5, 2023

    37. Keep Your Balance: Focusing on What Matters MostKeep Your Balance: Focusing on What Matters Most

    Sean Claggett learned first-hand that health scares can change the course of your life. After surviving a near-death experience, he decided to take the leap into trial law. Sean has since built a successful career and now shares his skills and advice with newer lawyers.

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  • Jun 28, 2023

    36. Think Outside the Box: Building a Brand in a Competitive Market

    Building a brand is hard work. From choosing a market segment and a name to finding marketing opportunities that you can afford, it takes a lot of time, effort, and money. And it can be even more challenging when you’re trying to break into a market as competitive as Las Vegas.

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  • Jun 21, 2023

    35. Utilize Referrals: Building a Network of Resources to Broaden Your Scope of Practice

    As you grow your legal practice, it can be tempting to focus in on one specific area. And while diving deep into a specialty can be good, it’s important to remember not to limit yourself. Referrals can be one of your best friends, both in getting new cases and in expanding the scope of your practice.

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  • Jun 14, 2023

    34. Expand Your Horizon: Maintaining a Growth Mindset

    Being a good lawyer isn’t just about the time you have in the game — it’s about what you do with that time. Przemek Lubecki of Morris Bart Personal Injury Lawyers has dedicated himself to constantly growing, improving, and honing his skills.

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  • May 31, 2023

    33. Stay the Course: Forging an Unusual Path in the Legal World

    Starting a legal career is hard. Even after you survive the slog of law school, you might have trouble getting a job, signing cases, or making the kind of money you want. Mauro Fiore of Fiore Legal knows first-hand the persistence it takes to make it through those early years.

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  • May 24, 2023

    32. Take Ownership: Building a Better Future

    Leaving a steady, high-paying job at a successful law firm to strike out on your own may seem like a risky decision. But that’s exactly what Mark Bratt did. One year later, The Bratt Law Firm is making over a million dollars, and his work-life balance is better than ever before

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  • May 10, 2023

    31. Build Your Team: Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement

    What does it take to build a firm that has offices in half a dozen states, signs over 70 cases a day in one office, and employs more than 450 people? Glen Lerner of Lerner and Rowe can tell you that the key is consistency and having a team you can trust. In the past two decades, Glen has grown a firm that has some of the best brand recognition in the country.

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  • May 3, 2023

    30. Investing Masterclass: The Simple Truth About Making Smart Investments

    Investing your money can be a scary, overwhelming, and confusing process. How do you create an investment plan that will not only support you through your golden years, but also give your children and grandchildren a strong inheritance? These are exactly the questions Rick Ferri has been answering for over thirty years, and some of his answers may surprise you.

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  • Apr 26, 2023

    29. Be the Frontier: Exploring New Technologies to Grow Your Firm

    Running a successful law firm means always being willing to adapt, explore new technology, and make bold moves. Yosi Yahoudi has built a successful firm following these principles, even recently implementing an exciting new piece of software called Levitate. His firm has also switched case management software multiple times as their needs have changed.

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  • Apr 19, 2023

    28. Study Connection: Learning from the Best to Improve Your Communication

    Learning to better connect with the people around you can help you build stronger professional relationships and may even improve your communication with a jury. Dan Ambrose of Trial Lawyers University has dedicated himself to studying all the minute details that help a lawyer better connect with a jury. And, in fact, his TLU conferences grew out of his own desire to grow a strong community of attorneys.

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  • Apr 5, 2023

    27. Find Your Footing: Growing Confidence and Prioritizing Health

    Finding your footing in your legal career can take time, but it’s an important process. Over the course of his career, Greyson Goody has grown from a rookie attorney with The Simon Law Group to one of the most respected trial lawyers in California. One of his secrets for success is prioritizing his physical, mental, and emotional health.

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  • Mar 29, 2023

    26. Be the Outlier: Breaking the Marketing Mold to Tell Your Unique Story

    Sometimes, finding success in business means breaking with tradition. Teresa Diep, founder of Outlier Creative Agency, has made a career of thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing. From one-of-a-kind conferences like Law-Di-Gras and Bourbon of Proof to unique branding, Teresa isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo to achieve powerful results.

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  • Mar 22, 2023

    25. Social Media Breakdown: A Step-By-Step Guide to TikTok for Attorneys

    Social media marketing has taken the personal injury industry by storm. The benefits of TikTok seem endless. It is perfect for humanizing a brand, reaching a large audience, creating an attorney referral network, and flexing those creative skills. Any smartphone user can access the platform and post content. But creating content that converts impressions to leads requires care and tact.

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  • Mar 15, 2023

    24. Cultivating Culture: Jury Selection, High Low Agreements, and Work-Life Balance

    It's easy to think that becoming a successful lawyer requires sacrificing personal life in favor of billing more hours. Having time for family isn't possible between appearances, conferences, and an ever-growing caseload. But as Sevy Fisher, partner and trial attorney at the Simon Law Group, explains, creating your desired life is possible.

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  • Mar 8, 2023

    23. Rebranding Masterclass: The Meaning of Lyfe

    There are a million reasons not to rebrand a firm. It is time-consuming, expensive, and has the potential to lose hard-earned goodwill. It could be a complete disaster. So why did an established firm undergo a rebrand right after securing its largest client?

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  • Mar 1, 2023

    22. Law Firm Refresh: Growing an Established Practice

    When Mike Agruss started his firm in 2012, it was just him in a basement apartment. Like most firms, his growth was slow and steady. The tipping point was when Mike decided to learn everything he could about the business side of law and integrate it into his practice.

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  • Feb 22, 2023

    21. Compassion Through Crisis: Discovering Strength in Vulnerability

    Bibi Fell is an absolute icon. For one client, her quick wit resulted in a $105MM verdict and hundreds of millions in restitution for many others. She is a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, ranked by the National Trial Lawyers. Founder of Fell Law, she is a champion for justice and serves as Partner at Athea Trial Lawyers.

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  • Feb 15, 2023

    20. Courage and Intention: How Radical Honesty Creates Stronger Attorneys

    Joe Fried is synonymous with truck accident law. He pioneered trucking litigation best practices used around the country. And co-founded the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys. In practice for over 18 years, the founding partner of Atlanta based Fried Goldberg has recovered over $1 billion for clients.

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  • Jan 25, 2023

    19. Built for Success: Processes, Systems, and Professional Networks For Early Stage Firms

    Born and raised in Crawley, LA, Kenny Habetz infuses southern hospitality into every aspect of his practice. By putting the client first, he ensures that personal referrals expand his book of business, month over month.

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  • Jan 20, 2023

    18. Accelerate Your Firm: Intake and Understanding Revenue

    Chad Dudley, founder at Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, has grown his firm to over 60 attorneys and over 200 staff members. He replicates that success in firms across the nation. He has worked nationwide with over 200 law firms to accelerate growth, increase revenue, and build stronger practices.

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  • Dec 28, 2022

    17. Fireproof: Maximize Firm Profit with EOS

    Author of Fireproof: A Five-step Model to Take your Law Firm from Unpredictable to Wildly Profitable, Mike Morse helps law firms run smoother, faster, and ultimately, more profitable. He has worked with hundreds of firms and knows how to create efficient machines primed to scale at unreasonable rates.

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  • Dec 21, 2022

    16. Own Your Career: Empowering Female Trial Attorneys

    Sara Williams empowers female attorneys, educates, and is a killer litigator. The trial attorney at Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury Attorneys has recovered over $15 Million for her clients. She got to where she is, not by putting her head down, hoping that someone took notice of her accomplishments.

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  • Dec 7, 2022

    15. First Page Rankings: How to Think Like Google

    Maria Monroy, host of Tip the Scales and President of LawRank sat with Jennifer Gore live at the Trial Lawyers University Conference. In today's episode, Maria gets personal about the history of LawRank, a leading SEO agency she started with her husband Mariano.

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  • Nov 30, 2022

    14. Brett Schreiber, Singleton Schreiber - 10,000 Active Cases: Lessons from Lawyer of the Year

    $2 Billion recovered in the past 10 years. 10,000 active cases across eight locations. Lawyer of the Year and scores of accolades. Brett Schreiber, Partner at Singleton Schreiber, credits his success in trial and business to one thing: being present.

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  • Nov 23, 2022

    13. Relentless Discipline: Success and the Power of Perspective

    For Ali Awad, business is common sense. At just five years old he sold collectible trading cards to classmates. And turned a profit. Hooked on the power of money, he never turned back. Thanks to his business acumen his firm, CEO Lawyer Personal Injury Law Firm is a take-off success.

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  • Nov 16, 2022

    12. From $7 to $7 Million: Mobile Advertising and Optimism

    Chava Mercado has spent over a decade in advertising and has innovated at every stage of the game. When looking at seemingly endless white semi trucks on the highway, he saw an opportunity to connect brands with more eyes than any traditional billboard could.

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  • Nov 9, 2022

    11. Outshine the Competition: Authentic Branding and Wise Spending

    Personal injury attorney, a Board Certified expert in construction law, and Partner at Baggett Law Personal Injury Attorneys, Amanda Baggett has built a thriving practice with her husband Matt.

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  • Nov 2, 2022

    10. Punch Above Your Weight: Success On Any Budget

    To come out on top as a new firm, Max Antony knows that you must get creative, niche down, and never give up. He started with a shoestring budget and has grown over the past five years to a staff of four.

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  • Oct 26, 2022

    9. Grit and Determination: Creating Your Own Opportunities

    You can build a successful practice without paid marketing – IF you are willing to hustle. Muhammad hits the ground HARD with gorilla marketing on a daily basis.

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  • Oct 19, 2022

    8. Integrity: Hiring Automation and Living Your Values

    Owner of Atlanta Personal Injury Law Group, Jennifer Gore-Cuthbert's firm has grown 7200% since opening just under a decade ago. She has served over 5,000 clients and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars.

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  • Oct 12, 2022

    7. Hiring Systems: Find your "A" Team

    When you command a team of over 300 consultants, you learn a thing or two about identifying "A" players. Executive Director of Technology Enablement, Lena Haviland has spent the past 16 years perfecting hiring systems.

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  • Oct 5, 2022

    6. Pick a Winning Jury: Make the Emotional Connection

    Few people have more experience with jury selection than Harry and Claire Plotkin. Over the past 20 years, their expertise in picking the right jury has helped attorneys recover over $2 Billion in over 800 trials.

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  • Sep 28, 2022

    5. Trust and Exposure: The Secret Promise of Media Campaigns

    In broadcast since 1987, Gary Sarner is a legal marketing expert who knows how to construct a winning media campaign.

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  • Sep 21, 2022

    4. Make the Choice: Champion for Kindness

    Irving Pedroza is the definition of resiliency. When faced with extreme adversity, he took life into his own hands and created the world that he wanted to see.

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  • Sep 14, 2022

    3. Lead With Passion: Build On Strength

    Chad Dudley knows a thing or two about making good firms great. CEO of CJ Advertising, for 25 years he has helped personal injury brands dominate their space.

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  • Sep 7, 2022

    2. The 2 Billion Dollar Man: Lessons from 30 Years of Law

    Darryl "The Hammer" Isaacs is set to celebrate 30 years in the Personal Injury field. His firm has become a stand-out example of what it looks like to succeed on your own terms.

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  • Aug 31, 2022

    1. Drop the Ego: Delegate to Scale

    If superheroes did exist, they would probably look a lot like Bob Simon. A champion for the people he Co-Founded Justice Team.

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