Family law marketing is among the most competitive niches of law firm SEO. Key terms for family law – such as “divorce lawyer” and “family law attorney” – see about 84 thousand searches a month.

In a market like Los Angeles, CA, the monthly traffic potential for the top-ranking site for a search for “divorce lawyer” is a whopping 1.3K. 

divorce lawyer SEO
source: Ahrefs

Ranking for these – and other family law and divorce keywords – is tough. Depending on your market, there are potentially scores or even hundreds of divorce lawyers vying for those top spots in the local pack and in organic search results. 

If potential clients don’t see your website in the local pack or in the organic results, they’re not going to contact you for help. In turn, you’re not going to be able to do what you set out to do: help people navigate legal issues during the most overwhelming and emotionally draining time in their lives.

The good news is that LawRank can help.

We specialize in SEO for divorce lawyers and family law attorneys in competitive markets to rank for the most coveted keywords.

  • Client: Berenji & Associates
  • Keyword: Los Angeles divorce lawyer
  • Current Organic Rank: #1
  • Local Pack Rank: #2
  • Monthly Volume: 1,400

Our family law SEO specialists can help you reach more clients, grow your business, and ultimately dominate your market. 

Here’s a look into our family law SEO services.

SEO For Family Law and Divorce Attorneys

At LawRank, we appreciate that law firm search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t one-size-fits-all. A marketing strategy that works for one family law practice might not necessarily work for another – and that’s why we customize our services for each and every client.

Our SEO specialists have developed strategies that can be adapted and adjusted to fit each project’s individual needs.

Our strategies are proven to work regardless of the size of a firm, the market it’s in, or the competition it’s up against in the organic search engine results and local pack.

We take a holistic approach to SEO and are truly committed to helping you see results and a return on your investment. That means we look at every aspect of your project – including things you might not have considered, like your law firm’s intake process. 

Complete Website Diagnostic

We begin every family law and divorce lawyer SEO project by running a complete diagnostic and looking at its present state.

We’ll ask some of the following questions when analyzing your website:

  • Are there mistakes or missteps that have to be fixed before we can move forward?
  • How does the site perform organically?
  • Where does it fall in the local pack?
  • Is the current website built to convert, or will a new site be required to truly enhance the user experience and bolster all other search engine optimization efforts?

Knowing where your website currently stands – what has or hasn’t been done to get it to rank – is imperative as we formulate a custom SEO strategy. 

Market and Competitor Analysis

It’s not enough to look at a divorce attorney’s website by itself. We have to consider the project in the context of its market and competition. 

  • How does the project currently stack up against the competition?
  • What are top-ranking competitors doing to claim those coveted spots on Google SERPs?
  • Do they focus on their brand or double-down on topical content that’s more relevant to divorce and family law?

The more we know about your specific market(s) and your top family law competitors, the better prepared we’ll be to help you rank.

Content and Keyword Research

We know that your potential clients are dealing with incredibly difficult legal issues – from divorce and child custody battles to fights for alimony and domestic violence.

Our goal is to help you reach them and connect with them through your content. 

That’s why we do extensive content and keyword research to find out what’s most relevant to your market and clients – and what will help you stand out from the competition.

  • What questions are people asking about family law and divorce in your market?
  • What information are people regularly seeking?
  • Which keywords are driving traffic to your competitors, and what type of content have they built to support them?

When our best-in-class SEO content development team has this information, we’re able to develop a customized content marketing funnel just for your family law firm.

We’ll target the best informational and commercial keywords with content (from practice areas pages and resources to blog posts and beyond) that gets to the heart of the important legal matters at hand. 

Built-to-Convert Website Development

You can have the best family law content in the world and the most reputable websites linking to you… but if your website isn’t user-friendly, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

If your family law website doesn’t tell a story – and if it’s not easy to use and navigate – then potential clients just aren’t going to contact you for help. 

Our family law firm websites are designed and developed to have:

  • Fast load times and page speed with healthy core web vitals so that users aren’t waiting around for the critical information they need in the moment
  • Critical firm information incorporated into the design so that potential clients know exactly who you are, what you offer, and how you can help
  • Calls to action (CTAs) spread throughout the site, which provide users with the opportunity to contact you at any time as they scroll 
  • Easy-to-find, easy-to-navigate pages so that the specific information a user wants is right at their fingertips
  • Eye-catching, beautiful designs to comfort and encourage users during an emotionally-fraught search for help

Getting people to your divorce law firm’s website is (more than) half the battle. Once they get there… your website needs to make it so that they want to pull the trigger and call you to help them work through the most difficult time of their life. 

Hyper-Local SEO Strategies Designed to Lead the Local Pack

Today, about 43% of all Google searches have local intent. This means people are searching for something near them or in their general geographic area.

Around 93% of these local intent searches return with a local pack –  and that’s where you want your family law practice to show up when people are looking for a divorce lawyer near them.

Recent research reveals that ranking in the local pack is associated with a 400% increase in visibility and a 100% increase in clicks. 

So, it’s not just about getting your divorce law firm to rank organically.

At LawRank, we take local SEO seriously and work diligently to have our clients featured in one of these coveted spots. 

Among other things, our family law SEO specialists will:

  • Claim and optimize your GMB profile(s)
  • Build links to your website from established and locally-relevant sites – like legal directories, local directories, and even the Better Business Bureau.
  • Develop content that speaks directly to clients in your market – so that they feel a sense of community and Google knows you’re a local family law attorney that’s providing relevant, helpful information.
  • Discuss office locations and help you understand what steps you can take to bolster our holistic SEO efforts. 
  • Track local SEO progress with Local Falcon reports. 
  • Help you grow your firm as you open additional office locations

Taking a comprehensive approach, we’ll look at your family law practice from every angle to make sure that we’re making your website as relevant and helpful as possible to potential clients in your target market(s).

When people are going through a divorce, battling for custody of a child, or fighting for child support or alimony from an ex – we want to make it so that your practice not only shows up, but stands out.

We have a demonstrated ability to get organic and local results for our family law clients – and you can verify that independently yourself!

It’s not enough for your family law website to tell users and Google that you’re someone who knows what they’re talking about and can be trusted with delicate family-related legal disputes.

Other websites have to tell them, too. How? By acquiring high-quality backlinks from a variety of authoritative referring domains to your law firm website.

Test, Track, and Adjust As Needed

Our goal isn’t just to get your family law firm to rank – it’s about getting you onto the first page and into the local pack – and keeping you there

We know that family law SEO isn’t static, and that’s why we track every move we make in our projects. When something isn’t working – or when Google’s algorithms change – we can adjust our strategy. 

You Need the Best Family Law SEO Company If You Want to Dominate the Market

To rank in your market for the keywords that matter, you’ll have to invest time and resources in divorce and family law SEO for lawyers.

If you’re a divorce or family law attorney who wants to grow your business, dominate your market, and ultimately help more people, then LawRank can help. 

We offer the best SEO for law firms. Unlike many of the marketing agencies out there, it’s all we do. 

Here’s why you should trust our attorney SEO experts to help you rank your family law practice:

  • We have a demonstrated ability to get family lawyers to rank for competitive terms in competitive markets.
  • We put the law in law firm SEOour team includes JDs and licensed attorneys. You’ll never have to worry about the quality or accuracy of your content.
  • We can supplement your long-term law firm marketing efforts with social media, Pay-Per-Click ads (PPC), and Local Services Ads (LSAs).
  • Our customer service is second-to-none – and you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out testimonials from some of our clients or ask around.

At LawRank, it’s not just about getting your practice to rank. It’s about getting you traffic and leads and making sure that you have the best possible system in place to convert those leads into paying clients. We’ll review your intake system to identify any potential problems and work with you to fix them. 

Our clients’ successes are our successes. We genuinely care about each project we take on – because our clients care about changing lives and making a difference for theirs. Contact our SEO marketing company today to find out if we’re the right fit for you.