Growing a law firm is a challenging process, and there are tons of skills firm owners need to develop. You need to learn how to run a business, be an effective manager, create a strong marketing strategy, and more. Unfortunately, most lawyers are not taught these skills in law school.

How can you learn these skills and best practices in each area without spending a ton of time and money? Podcasts can be a fantastic resource to improve your marketing and management skills. From defining your brand and narrowing down your target market to learning how to connect effectively with clients who need your services, there’s a podcast that covers just about every possible topic. And one big bonus to podcasts is that you can listen while you engage in other tasks. 

With so many legal pod? Check out the top podcasts for lawyers and the benefits they can offer. 

Law Firm Management

Learning how to manage your law firm is a critical step for any solo practitioner, and it’s not always intuitive. These top law firm management podcasts provide deeper insight into how to effectively handle a variety of common law firm management challenges. 

The Legal Toolkit, hosted by Jared Correia, offers engaging storytelling and guests who help lawyers and potential lawyers understand many of the ins and outs of managing a law firm. The forward-thinking approach provides listeners with deeper insights into what it means to manage a law firm and how they can improve their businesses. 

The Legal Toolkit offers expert advice about law firm management. It also takes on topics like productivity, going out as a solo lawyer for the first time instead of working for a big firm, and even ethics questions around issues like intellectual property.

2. Un-Billable Hour

The billable hour is how many firms generate revenue. Naturally, it is where most attorneys tend to direct their energy and attention. However, the billable hour is not the only important thing. Unbillable time covers a variety of important elements, from marketing and time management to attracting clients.

Un-Billable Hour, hosted by Christopher Anderson, covers a variety of key topics, including a deep dive into how to market to different demographics. He discusses the importance of benefits and vacation time and a host of other essential topics related to managing a law firm. This podcast, which lasts for around forty minutes each episode, is definitely worth spending an “unbillable hour” on.

3. The Law Entrepreneur

The Law Entrepreneur covers the key details of where law and entrepreneurship meet. Host Neil Tyra notes that many lawyers leave law school feeling fully prepared to handle the demands of the law. However, they may be lacking some of the essential elements of actually opening and running a law firm. 

The Law Entrepreneur covers the details of running a business. Each week, listeners receive practical advice about networking, self-care, and management skills. He discusses the difference between virtual and in-person networking events. Listeners get valuable insight into the business side of running a law firm each week.

4. New Solo

Launching a solo law firm is a challenging process. Going out on your own, even if you’ve successfully worked in a large firm in the past, means developing a number of new skills and wearing many hats.

Often, those tasks are more daunting than managing even high-profile cases. That’s why New Solo host Adriana Linares steps in to provide essential information about everything from networking and job searching to technology and even simply managing a legal practice. Her goal is to provide key insight that can help new solo lawyers answer the many questions they have as they move through their legal careers. 

New Solo covers a range of topics. Adriana discusses how AI can improve law firm management and cut costs. You’ll learn what technology is most beneficial to a new legal practice, how to manage basic search engine optimization, and more. Podcasts are released monthly. Adriana frequently brings guests on the show who can share their insights about the legal management process.

5. Grow Your Law Firm

The Grow Your Law Firm podcast brings together top legal minds across the country in one convenient location. Each week, Ken Hardison brings in expert guests who provide tools, strategies, and insights that assist lawyers in growing their firms.

Ken has nearly forty years of experience in the legal industry. More than a decade of that experience has been spent helping attorneys grow their practices and expand their knowledge. Now, he’s sharing those insights with the greater legal community. His goal is to help them experience higher levels of growth, better overall profits, and, ultimately, more freedom within their practices. 

Topics include roadmaps to law firm growth, referral systems, and even how clients may choose a lawyer. These key insights can help improve overall marketing efforts. As a result, it’s easier for attorneys to decide on their next steps as they expand their practices.

Law Firm Marketing

If you want to grow your firm, marketing is perhaps the most important step. However, marketing often does not come naturally to lawyers, a group of professionals that has traditionally relied on word-of-mouth referrals to generate business. 

More and more, lawyers are seeing their law firms as businesses, and marketing — especially digital marketing — is how their choosing to reach new clients and markets. You can grow your client base with tried-and-true marketing techniques. The podcasts listed below can help you get a better feel for exactly how to set your brand apart, how to define your market, and more.

1. Tip the Scales

Tip the Scales, hosted by Maria Monroy, covers a variety of critical marketing topics that can help lawyers take their firms to the next level. As the President and co-founder of LawRank, a leading legal marketing agency, Maria offers expert guidance on how to expand your lawfirm’s marketing footprint. Maria also brings in expert guests, including lawyers who have grown their law firms and become leaders in their field, to provide key perspectives on marketing and growth.

On Tip the Scales, you will find topics often missed on other legal podcasts. For example, Maria covers self-care, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, how to use AI to improve your marketing efforts, and more. You’ll learn how to balance life and law and tip the scales in your favor. 

2. Personal Injury Mastermind

At Personal Injury Mastermind, host Chris Dreyer of covers many of the details of building and marketing a successful law firm. is a highly popular legal marketing brand, and Chris offers his legal marketing expertise to listeners. 

Chris also brings many popular guests on the legal podcast, including familiar names like Rand Fishkin or Neil Patel. Topics include everything from the decision to go out on your own and start building your legal brand to how to maintain your values in the legal field while still obtaining reliable results for clients. It’s a great choice for lawyers who are ready to expand their brand and get to know the industry better.

3. Bourbon of Proof

Bourbon of Proof is based on the premise that many good stories have been shared while sitting on a bar stool over drinks. The podcast aims to take those familiar conversations and connections to the next level. At Bourbon of Proof, the hosts speak with legal professionals who have already “made it” in the industry. They share tips that help new lawyers expand their brands.

These conversations, unlike many traditional marketing legal podcasts, do not take place in a studio. Instead, they take place over glasses of bourbon, whiskey, or scotch, creating a deeper sense of connection and a more trustworthy vibe that lets listeners to feel as though they have stepped into the bar alongside them.

4. The Game Changing Attorney

The Game Changing Attorney podcast with Michael Mogill is billed as the most-listened-to podcast in the legal industry. As Michael says, “You’re an outstanding lawyer, but you’re getting lost in the shuffle.” For many lawyers, that simple “lost in the shuffle” challenge is one of the biggest issues they face in trying to expand their brand.

Michael aims to change that. The Game Changing Attorney Podcast shares what Michael learned by creating extensive growth within his own organization. He offers a thoughtful, engaging look at what it takes to make it within the legal industry and how attorneys can set themselves apart from the crowd.

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing embraces the idea that you can expand your brand, even if all the time you have is the space of your lunch hour. During this popular legal podcast, digital marketers Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam provide tips to help lawyers attract more clients and build their businesses.

They cover a wide range of marketing tactics, including both digital and physical marketing. From the basics of SEO and tricks on how to improve search engine rankings to how to manage social media accounts, Lunch Hour Legal Marketing has it all.

Learn More About Marketing and Management for Law Firms

Law firm marketing and management are both incredibly important pieces of the business puzzle. In a busy market, it’s critical that lawyers have the tools to effectively manage their brands and set their businesses apart. These podcasts can give you insight into industry best practices, give you new marketing ideas, and help you prioritize self-care.

If you’re struggling with effective marketing for your firm, LawRank can help. Contact us today to learn more about our legal marketing tools and how we can help you set your brand apart.