7 Best SEO Companies for Lawyers

Finding the right SEO agency for lawyers is essential to promoting your law firm and sharing more about the services you offer clients. However, how do you find the best legal marketing company when there are so many choices?

We’ve got you covered in this article. We’ll help you understand the ins and outs of legal marketing and discuss the seven best legal marketing companies for law firms. 

The 7 Best SEO Agencies for Attorneys

Just as there is a glut of lawyers, there is also a glut of legal marketing companies. If you’re looking for the best legal marketing companies that understand the legal industry and are prepared to help you elevate your brand and online presence, certain agencies are a cut above.

1. LawRank

LawRank is an award-winning SEO agency for lawyers focusing on SEO, paid ads, and attorney website design. LawRank routinely helps its clients achieve top rankings on search engines for competitive terms and in competitive geographic markets like New York, Houston, Dallas, Tampa, San Diego, and more. It also utilizes lawyers to write and produce content for attorney websites.

And with a co-founder and SEO expert who graduated from UCLA School of Law, the company understands what lawyers need to grow their law firms and improve their marketing efforts. 

2. Rankings.io

Rankings.io offers various services, including SEO, Google Ads, pay-per-click ads, and website design. They specialize in legal marketing for personal injury lawyers and pride themselves on being easy to reach and on their desire to build effective relationships with their clients.

Furthermore, they aim to create unique strategies that work for each firm and offer comprehensive information about the solutions law firms are considering for their marketing needs. 

3. iLawyer Marketing

At iLawyer, you’ll find a highly-ranked SEO company that strives to create smarter paid search ads to help enhance results and get more signed cases for the law firms they serve. The iLawyer offers SEO services, website design, paid search ads, social media marketing, and content creation.

By working with iLawyer on their marketing and content creation, law firms can create a solid, consistent online presence that allows them to showcase their skills and maintain their brand voice across platforms. 

4. Nifty

Nifty specializes in helping law firms grow organic traffic and achieve better overall results in search engines.

Nifty offers content marketing, web design, local SEO, social organic posts, and a variety of digital advertising strategies, allowing you to utilize a variety of marketing strategies to grow your law firm.

At Elite Legal Marketing, law firms can count on complete transparency: they want their clients to know exactly what they’re paying for and how their marketing efforts are progressing at any given time.

They serve law firms of all sizes and handle website design, PPC, SEO, and social media as well as local service ads. 

6. TSEG (The Search Engine Guys)

The Search Engine Guys (TSEG) is a premier digital marketing agency, focusing on SEO and online advertising for law firms. Renowned for tangible outcomes, TSEG crafts bespoke strategies to amplify online presence, foster lead generation, and spur expansion.

Their team merges innovative methods with industry acumen, elevating website performance, bolstering search engine standings, and amplifying brand recognition.

TSEG’s client-centric ethos shines through transparent communication, data-driven methodologies, and proactive trend adaptation, ensuring enduring success in the fiercely competitive legal landscape. Trust TSEG for heightened online prominence and enduring business prosperity.

7. Grow Law Firm

Grow Law Firm stands out for its tailored legal marketing solutions, which are designed to elevate your practice. With a focus on personalized strategies, they drive tangible results by enhancing online visibility, generating quality leads, and maximizing ROI.

Their dedicated team combines expertise in SEO, PPC, and website design to create a compelling online presence that resonates with potential clients.

Not all legal marketing firms are created equal. Therefore, you should consider certain criteria when looking for the company that best suits your needs. These criteria include:


When it comes to choosing a legal marketing firm, just like when choosing a lawyer, experience matters. You want an agency that works exclusively with lawyers and routinely helps law firms grow their brand and achieve their marketing goals. A marketing company that has never worked with a law firm before may not be in the ideal position to handle your needs. 


Take a look at what the marketing firm has accomplished. Ask to examine case studies or for examples of how they have helped other firms achieve their goals in the past. Ideally, you want an agency that has helped law firms achieve top spots on Google for competitive search terms (personal injury lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, etc.) in competitive geographic regions.

Additionally, they shouldn’t just have a “show pony,” that one client for whom they’ve achieved results. Rather, they should have a track record of ranking law firms for the keywords that matter.

Past results do not guarantee the results your firm will see, but they can give you a good idea of what the company is able to accomplish. 


When you choose a legal marketing firm, you want to be sure they have the staff and resources necessary to handle your needs. If you’re a large firm, with a wide geographic range, you may need more support in order to satisfy your marketing and content needs.

Make sure that the company has the resources necessary to handle your marketing before you sign a contract. Furthermore, ask about the tools they have to devote to your firm — not just manpower.

Customer Service

Ideally, just like you want to provide strong customer service to your clients, you should also expect stellar service from your legal marketing agency. The better your marketing company understands your unique target market, value proposition, and background, the better it can tailor your marketing strategies to fit your needs and goals.

Your marketing company should be available to answer your calls, emails, and questions. It should also be transparent and have a process for showing what strategies it’s using to help promote your law firm — and how effective (or ineffective) they are. 

SEO for lawyers is competitive and time-consuming. You need a legal marketing agency that can help you grow your business while you focus on your clients. As the best legal marketing agency, LawRank has a proven track record of helping law firms achieve top rankings on Google — increasing traffic to their websites and leads through their doors.

We can handle all your marketing needs, including web design, PPC, and SEO. We’ll also track your marketing campaign’s results to ensure we’re maximizing your ROI. If a strategy isn’t working, we’ll adjust and get you the desired results. 

Are you ready to start improving your digital marketing? Contact us today to get a custom marketing package optimized for your law office.