Lavent Law, P.A. is a personal injury law firm serving Miami, FL and the surrounding areas. They focus primarily on car accidents, slip and fall, and motorcycle accident cases.

Starting Point

When the client came to us in mid-2018, they ranked poorly across all the board. Their website also lacked high-quality content and link-building. Despite having a lot of content, we knew that we would essentially start from scratch to achieve the results we wanted.

The LawRank Approach

We began by redesigning his site to a more modern, conversion-driven site. This included new pictures, videos, and rethinking the entire interface.

We then began to re-write almost all of the existing content. We knew that in order to achieve and sustain high organic rankings, we would need “best in class” content.

During that time, we also began a link-building campaign that focused on high-quality links including media mentions, .edu sites, and relevant legal directories.

The Proof

We have achieved top rankings for many of the most coveted keywords in the Miami, FL market including:

Miami personal injury lawyer

  • Monthly Keyword Traffic: 3600

Miami personal injury attorney

  • Monthly Keyword Traffic: 1900

Miami car accident lawyer

  • Monthly Keyword Traffic: 1900

The site has also experienced a 200% in overall traffic. Another success in getting a client to the first page for the keywords that result in cases.

“Working with LawRank has been great. They did a great redesign of my site, wrote high-quality content and did amazing link-building.

I’m already ranking for super competitive terms like “Miami car accident lawyer” and “Miami personal injury lawyer.” Highly recommended!”

Boris Lavent


Personal Injury Attorney, Miami, FL

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