A year ago, Mission Personal Injury Lawyers, then “Mission Legal Center,” was in a bind. Founders Ross Munoz and David Munoz wanted to grow, but their legal marketing left something to be desired.

They struggled to gain a foothold in organic rankings, landing on the tenth page of Google for many of their desired keywords. They also suffered from poor local visibility, despite earning top ratings and awards from major legal rating services.

Mission determined they needed to invest in SEO to increase their digital presence and gain an edge over their competitors. Shortly thereafter, they turned to LawRank.

“300% increase in daily calls! I’m a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, California. I went from five leads per day to 15 (organic / local) leads per day my first few months with LawRank. That’s huge!”

David J. Muñoz

Personal Injury Attorney San Diego, Ca.


  • Lagging in organic rankings due to poor website structure and content
  • Low domain authority
  • Minimal local visibility


LawRank determined that it needed to build a totally new website for Mission. But first, it helped Mission acquire a new DBA that would be helpful for branding and SEO, changing their name from Mission Legal Center to Mission Personal Injury Lawyers.

Armed with a fresh new DBA, the LawRank team went to work developing a new, cutting-edge website for Mission.

The team created a content strategy around competitive legal keywords to drive traffic to the new site. They then drafted all-new practice area pages, articles, and content.

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LawRank also helped Mission develop its Google My Business profile and created online profiles on legal directories and local platforms to increase the firm’s local visibility.

LawRank’s strategies quickly began to pay off. Mission’s website traffic started to increase rapidly. Shortly thereafter, they quadrupled their contact form submissions and tripled the number of calls from their GMB.

They also achieved first page rankings for some of their most desired keywords, such as “car accident lawyer” and “San Diego truck accident lawyer.”

Mission increased their leads by 300% in the first month! "Within a few months, we went from 5 leads a day to 15!"


Mission Personal Injury Lawyers has enjoyed unparalleled growth during their time with LawRank. Before they started with us, they ranked on the 10th page of Google for many of their desired keywords, including a local search for “car accident lawyer” and “San Diego workplace accident lawyer.” They ranked on Google’s 3rd page for other top keywords like “San Diego slip and fall lawyer” and “San Diego truck accident lawyer.”

Mission now ranks on the first page for each of these highly-coveted keywords:

  • “Car accident lawyer”
  • “San Diego slip and fall lawyer”
  • “San Diego slip and fall lawyer”
  • “San Diego truck accident lawyer”

Mission’s website traffic has increased by an astonishing 6,281% in the last year! And these users aren’t just visiting the site and leaving. They are contacting Mission for more information.

The firm’s contact form submissions have increased by 438%, and calls have increased by an impressive 300%. Many of these calls are coming in from the firm’s Google My Business profile, which has garnered almost 50 more calls a month than this time last year.

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“LawRank doesn’t leave you guessing. They keep you up to date with their progress and work they have done.”

- David Muñoz

Triple the client leads and a whopping 6,281% increase in website traffic!

  • 438% increase in contact form submissions
  • 236% increase in calls from the firm’s Google My Business profile
  • Over 6,000% increase in web traffic
  • Coveted 1st page rankings for highly-competitive keyword terms
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