Local Service Ads

When it comes to Google, it’s not just visibility that matters. The audience to whom you’re visible is an important part of the equation. 

If you run a personal injury law firm, wouldn’t it be great to narrowly tailor the scope of your ads so that you speak directly to accident victims right in your backyard?

Wouldn’t it be even better if your ads appeared before organic results and that you only had to pay when a potential client turned into a lead? 

With Google’s Local Services Ads (LSAs), that’s a very real possibility.

Here’s what you need to know about Local Services Ads, the Google Guarantee, and your legal marketing campaign.

What Are Google Local Services Ads?

There are a few important things to know about Local Services Ads:

  • You only pay for legitimate leads related to your law practice – not just for clicks.
  • LSAs are prioritized on Google’s search results page – your ads show up above sites that rank organically.
  • You become “Google Verified” or “Google Guaranteed” by participating in an LSA campaign.

Used in conjunction with other Google ad services, as well as solid SEO for lawyers and local SEO strategies, Local Services Ads can be a great complement to your legal marketing efforts. 

LSAs: Pay Per Lead, Not Per Click

Google’s Local Services Ad campaign is a pay-per-lead system. Unlike pay-per-click ads, you don’t pay just because someone clicks on your ad.

Rather, you pay for valid leads that are related to your law practice and the services you offer.

In other words, you only pay when a potential client sees your ad, clicks on it, and takes some meaningful action to contact you about your law firm and legal services.

You don’t waste money on clicks from anyone who isn’t genuinely interested in discussing representation.

So, what counts as a “valid lead”? 

You’ll pay when a client:

  • Texts or emails your law firm, or
  • Calls – and either leaves a voicemail or speaks with a representative.

What happens if a prospective client calls and doesn’t leave a voicemail? That will only be considered a valid lead if (a) you call them back and (b) speak with them or leave a message. 

If you’re billed for something that you don’t think is a valid lead, you can simply file a dispute.

The idea is to ensure that you’re only paid for valid leads that are generated directly from your LSA – and nothing else. 

Show Up Before Organic Search Results

Google’s a multi-billion dollar company. It’s clear that its founders and the individuals behind the scenes know a thing or two about making money.

So, it’s no surprise that the top of Google’s search results page is now reserved for paid advertisements.

That includes Local Services Ads. In fact, LSAs are the first thing a user will see when results are revealed after a query. 

No matter how great your organic SEO campaign is, and no matter how great your content is, LSA ads will still ‘rank’ before organic results.

So, if you want to be the first option that potential clients see when searching for an attorney, it makes sense to launch a Local Services Ad campaign.

You’ll Get the Google Guarantee

Let’s say Jane was arrested for drug possession. You happen to run a criminal defense law firm in her city. After she’s released from custody, she goes online to search for an attorney to represent her in her criminal case.

The search yields tons of results – how will she know which attorney or law firm is the best or most suitable choice? 

Research suggests that a simple checkmark can be a powerful tool – it can instill confidence, convey expertise, and provide a sense of comfort.

So, Jane is probably much more likely to check out attorneys who happen to have a little green checkmark next to their names.

How do you get a green checkmark next to your law firm’s name? By taking out a Local Services Ad campaign.

Local Services Ads are intended to connect consumers (clients) with relevant services (your law firm). It’s not just relevance that matters, though. It’s also important to connect consumers with legitimate, safe, effective service providers.

So, in order to run LSAs, Google requires all participants to undergo an extensive background check. 

Once you’ve passed the background check, you become “Google Verified,” “Google Screened,” and “Google Guaranteed.” And, with that, comes the coveted green checkmark – or Google Screened badge – next to your firm’s name.

In turn, it increases the odds that Jane – or prospective clients just like Jane – will be compelled to reach to you to for help.

Are Local Services Ads Available Everywhere?

Not yet. Right now, Google’s LSAs are only available in major metropolitan areas. Why? These are the locations where it might be most difficult to stand out or rank organically.

You can utilize an LSA campaign to give yourself an edge in a super-competitive market.

Paired with a strong organic SEO campaign, LSAs can increase your visibility in local searches in your zip code and help to get the phone to ring.

What Does it Cost to Run Local Services Ads on Google?

It depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of leads you want to generate each month, and
  • The geographic region you want to target.

So, a campaign designed to generate 100 leads per month in a super-competitive market will cost more than a campaign intended to get you 50 leads per month in a moderately-competitive market.

It’s really up to you. You set up a monthly maximum that you want to spend on leads, and that’s applied throughout the month.

Some weeks might cost more than others – but you’ll never exceed the cap you set. And, since you only pay for the leads that are actually generated, there’s really no risk. 

Can LawRank Handle My Local Services Ad Campaign?

Absolutely. Legal marketing is complicated. And, it’s both an art and a science. LSAs are just one piece of the puzzle.

If you want to maximize your visibility, rank organically, and get the phone to ring, it’s important to work with a marketing agency that truly understands the nuances of every aspect of the SEO process. 

That’s why LawRank should be your first call if you want to connect with potential clients. We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to our legal SEO marketing campaigns.

We take the time to consider every little thing that could increase your visibility and share of the market.

Running successful Local Services Ads can be a great supplement to our other services and add considerable value to your digital marketing campaign