Often, crafting a solid demand letter is critical to getting a fair settlement for your clients. But writing demand letters is a time-consuming process, and managing it in-house can limit your ability to grow your law firm. EvenUp is a software company dedicated to helping law firms of all sizes streamline their demand process and get better results for their clients.

Raymond Mieszaniec, COO of EvenUp, knows first-hand the sort of impact that a lowball settlement can have on a victim’s family. His passion for leveling the playing field for personal injury lawyers and accident victims has helped him grow EvenUp into a thriving business in just three years. 

Today, we sit down with Raymond to talk about how EvenUp got started and how it’s helping law firms scale their demand process without compromising quality. Learn what goes into crafting a strong demand and how AI is changing this aspect of the PI field.

Key takeaways:

  • EvenUp helps any size law firm streamline their demand process. From sole proprietors who may only need to write six demand letters a year to high-volume firms generating 200 demands a month, EvenUp can help any size firm create a more streamlined demand process.
  • Better demands result in a better future for clients. Ray’s personal story shows that low settlement offers can impact an accident victim and their family for generations. EvenUp’s services can help lawyers get the best results for their clients, which may result in a better future for them and their loved ones.
  • Vulnerability is important when crafting a good demand. Although many accident victims may tend to hide their pain, that can be counterproductive when creating a demand. Showing exactly how much the accident has impacted a victim’s life can get better results.