For some, running one company is enough. Try running five or six. This week we sit down with lawyer, entrepreneur, game show contestant, Dungeons and Dragons princess, Law-Di-Gras extraordinaire, and twin, Bob Simon.

Robert T. Simon is a co-founder of the Simon Law Group — aka Justice Team — and acts as the primary trial attorney. He also co-founded Justice HQ, a fast-growing, collaborative workspace and network aimed at helping lawyers break away from the stodgy firms of old to grow their own solo practices.

On this week’s episode, sit back and relax as Bob tells us why you shouldn’t wear suits. He teaches us how to be a giver, not a taker; the correct way to read Green Eggs and Ham; and what not to do while working as a teen at your community pool. If you listen closely you may even learn how to masquerade as a secret princess while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Key takeaways

Be a giver, not a taker. Networking is hard, and there has to be a give and take. Don’t create a relationship that’s lopsided. Always try to give as much as you receive. It can be as simple as a “Thank you” or sharing some knowledge. 

Even lawyers can have a good time. Whether it’s attending Law-Di-Gras or playing Dungeons & Dragons, Bob makes time for fun. Take the time to find the joy in your life. 

You don’t always need a suit. Bob may recommend flip-flops at a conference, but not everyone can be that zen. Next time you go to grab that suit, maybe try business casual. It could change your whole outlook on life. 

To contact Bob Simon, DM @planetfunbob on Instagram. Just make sure you’re not a bot.

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