English law, monastery living, and university court cases. That sounds like enough topics for three podcasts, but for seasoned litigator and world traveler Andre Regard, it’s just one. Join us as Andre gives us insight into his worldly life.

Andre Regard is a litigator and business transactions attorney. He has prevailed in complex business cases for clients in both state and federal courts. Andre grew up in Louisiana and served in the Navy for eight years as a Supply Corps officer. He has also been an active thoroughbred horse owner and breeder since 1996.

On this week’s episode, learn what it’s like to practice law in England, about a barrister vs. a lawyer, how to not say a word in a monastery (and not have a cell phone!), and why going to court against a university can get very complicated. Listen as Andre Regard gives you a lesson on history, spirituality, and justice all in one!

Key takeaways

  • English law is not unlike the military. Being a military man and English law aficionado, Andre couldn’t help but notice the similarities between both. Unlike American law, the American military and the English judicial system is a top-down affair.  
  • You don’t have to be a monk to find inner peace. Andre Regard has taken the time to find his spirituality on semi-annual trips to the monastery, but you don’t have to take a trip to find peace. Find little things throughout the day to calm your mind.
  • Fight for what you believe in. Unable to just sit and watch as universities cheated students out of their money, Andre took the universities on and won. Follow in his footsteps and stand up for your beliefs. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a precedent-setting court case. 

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