Creating an authentic brand around your business can have a big impact on the growth of your firm. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

As a Miami native, attorney Amanda Demanda stands up to big insurance companies and businesses in pursuit of justice. She focuses her practice specifically on representing people injured due to the negligence or unsafe practices of others. Amanda firmly believes that products, places, and health care are made safer through lawsuits that shed light upon unsafe products and practices.

On this week’s episode, Maria sits down with Amanda to discuss creating a stand-out brand, not being afraid to break norms, diversifying marketing, and working with the Spanish and elder communities. 

Key Takeaways

Your professional brand doesn’t have to be your personal brand. Everyone associates Amanda Demanda with her pink brand, but it’s not her favorite color. She picked a color she knew would stand out in the space. What works for your brand will be different than what works for you personally. Do some market research before making a decision.

Diversify your marketing efforts. Don’t just focus on one form of advertising. There are many forms of both digital and print marketing. Amanda’s Instagram was deleted through no fault of her own. If that had been her only platform, she would have been in a lot of trouble. Don’t fall into that trap.

Know your demographics. Amanda Demanda knows how to cater to her large Spanish and elder community followings. Figure out your target audience and know how to best reach and represent them.

To connect with Amanda, follow her on Instagram @amandademandalaw