Having tons of energy can be a great thing if you know how to put it to use. Say yes to new opportunities, make light of yourself on TikTok, buy a new Rolls-Royce, or even build your own private courthouse. How are these all related? Kevin Kennedy did them, and they all, in one way or another, led to the growth of a successful law firm.

Kevin Kennedy is the founder of The Kennedy Law Firm in Clarksville, Tennessee. They are a Christian law firm that provides counsel for everything from personal injury to estate planning. His family has lived in Clarksville since just after the Revolutionary War, and he has recently surpassed 1.6 million followers on TikTok.

On this week’s episode, Maria sits down with Kev to discuss gaining a huge TikTok following, saying yes to opportunity, hiring A players, Elvis, and being on Oprah. If you listen long enough, you also may find out what it’s like to be serenaded by Kevin.

Key Takeaways

  • Have a core value system. Kevin Kennedy lets his Christian values guide him in his everyday life. They are reflected in his personal and business decisions. Whether it’s religion or your own personal values, have a touchstone you can go back to when you’re struggling and need help.
  • Don’t say no. Should you say no to purchasing a Rolls-Royce? Probably not. Kevin Kennedy didn’t, and that Rolls got him a case that covered his purchase in just ninety days. Maybe you don’t need a Rolls-Royce, but try taking a chance on something that may not make sense at the time, because you never know what it may lead to down the road.
  • Don’t burn bridges. It’s never a good idea to burn a bridge, no matter how good you think it will feel. Down the line, you may run into the person you collided with in a situation where they have all the cards. Be the bigger person, and look out for your long-term success.

To connect with Kevin, follow him on TikTok @kennedylawfirm