Oftentimes, we feel powerless in our lives. You may feel like things happen to you outside of your control and that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t create a life that feels joyfully authentic. David Bayer is here to tell you that you do have the power to cultivate a richer life and that it all starts with changing your mindset.

David Bayer believes he has unlocked the secret to the next level of human evolution. He now hosts seminars and coaching programs teaching people how to rewire their minds to create fuller lives. In the last seven years, David and his wife, Carol, have built their business from nothing to a $25 million empire that has reached tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals.

This week, we talk to David about his views on manifestation and personal power, as well as how changing your mindset can completely transform your life. Learn how to create a life of abundance simply by shifting your perspective on this week’s episode of Tip the Scales.

Key takeaways:

Your instinctive reactions are a gift, not a curse. These reactions served you at one point in life, but they may have become unhealthy for where you are now. Through the practice of surrendering, you can learn to process those reactions in healthier, more helpful ways.

You can change to become your most authentic self. Self-work may change you, but that doesn’t mean you’re losing yourself in the process. Rather, you may be growing to become the most authentic version of yourself, free of behaviors that others taught you.

You can create a life of abundance for yourself. Many people feel as though they have no control over the things that happen to them in life. But you can create a life of abundance and joy for yourself simply by shifting your mindset.