Growing a business is hard, especially when you start out with nothing. People may or may not be out to get you, and your health may be in a questionable state. But don’t worry; it can all be overcome. 

Michael Mogill began Crisp in 2012 with $500 to his name. What started as a video production company for law firms has transformed into a multi-million dollar corporation with services spanning everything from executive coaching to AI auto-attendants.

On this week’s episode, Maria sits down with Michael at Crisp headquarters and talks about how optimizing your health can lead to business success, what it’s like having his wife as his business partner, why you should create a succession plan, confronting your critics, and planning an $8 million conference.

Key takeaways

  • Make friends, not competitors. Turn them into allies. Sharing your knowledge can lead to greater success for you both.
  • Promote your team. A business is run by a team of many. Show your employees appreciation by showcasing them to your clients. This will lead to a healthier company and greater outcomes.
  • Optimize your health. Your health isn’t just how you look or feel. It’s also how you think. Keeping healthy can lead to better decision making.

To connect with Michael, follow him on Instagram @mogill or text him at 404-531-7691. To connect with the Crisp team follow them on instagram @crispvideo or visit