Having the odds stacked against you doesn’t mean giving up. Finding your path may be tough, but with hard work and determination, the possibilities are endless.

Gary has held the record for the highest jury verdicts in numerous courthouses, including a staggering $125 million-dollar jury verdict in Ventura County in 2016. He went directly from high school to law school, never attending college. He put himself through a four-year night program while working at a law office, where he started as a file room clerk. Immediately after passing the bar, Mr. Dordick opened his own law firm, starting out with no employees. Now, Dordick Law Corporation has three locations, fifty-six employees, and eighteen lawyers, including his three kids, Michelle, Dylan, and Taylor, as associate lawyers.

On this week’s episode, Maria sits down with Gary Dordick as they discuss what it means to be healthy at 60, how he found his path through martial arts, working with his kids, and how he sees the future of law.

Key takeaways

College isn’t everything. Not going to college doesn’t mean not being successful. Carve your own path, learn from others, and take advantage of every opportunity.

Don’t spoil your kids. Even though you may want to give them everything you didn’t have, it’s ok to hold some things back. Teach them lessons about the value of money and let them see how hard work and grit can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Try new things. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. You may find your view completely changed after giving it a try.

To connect with Gary, visit his website https://dordicklaw.com/