Organic SEO vs Paid Traffic SEO Lawyers

Law firm SEO really focuses on organic rankings. In other words, the primary goal is to get a law firm website to show up first in search results because it’s good. Because the content is best in class. Because the links you’ve developed have authority. Because you’ve developed a website that’s tops when it comes to UX. 

When your firm ranks well organically (or naturally), that can yield dividends for years to come. That’s certainly true if you keep your content fresh and keep your finger on the pulse. 

Now, it can take time to rank organically. That’s certainly true when you’re in a particularly competitive market for your keyword. This is where it might be helpful to supplement your efforts with a paid campaign.

Paid advertisements offer a quick way to get to the top of Google’s search results page. Ads are shown first – so users will see those suggestions before any organic results.

However, the minute you stop your attorney PPC (“pay per click”) campaign, your visibility disappears. 

And, not everyone trusts ads. Many users put a lot of stock into what organic listings Google provides, so they’ll scroll right past the ads to get to the “real” results. 

A holistic approach is often the best way to get the results you’re looking for. Put most of your time, money, and effort into content, links, and UX that will rank organically.

Put some time and effort into paid ads to give you a leg-up in the short term.

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