Billions of people are active users on Facebook. It is the largest social media network in the world. On any given day, close to two billion people access Facebook. 

Facebook users connect with family and friends through the website. They also keep up with current events and search for goods and services available near their locations.

Businesses successfully utilize the social media platform to reach potential customers in their area.

Facebook advertising has become a valuable marketing tool for many businesses, including law firms.

And, now that Facebook owns Instagram and the two platforms are connected, the value of having a presence has only increased.

However, you don’t want to target all two billion Facebook users with your ad. Therefore, how do you get your ads in front of the people who need to see your ad?

Can’t I Just Post a Link to My Blog on Our Law Firm’s Facebook Page?

Marketing your law firm’s blogs by posting brief descriptions, images, and links on your law firm’s Facebook page should be a part of your marketing strategy. An enticing title and a short, catchy description can motivate visitors to your Facebook page to clink on the link to the blog on your website.

However, inbound marketing relies on people discovering your law firm’s Facebook profile through a social media search on Google search.

Marketing on Facebook requires a different strategy. Producing interesting and relevant content does not matter if no one stumbles upon it.

Fortunately, Facebook provides outbound marketing tools that allow you to reach people in your area that may be searching for an attorney or local law firm.

Utilizing Facebook Marketing Tools to Increase Leads

If you are new to Facebook marketing, read on to learn ways can utilize Facebook as part of your law firm’s content marketing strategy.

Create an Optimized Facebook Business Page

Before paying for advertising on Facebook, make sure that you optimize your Facebook business page. You need a page that is rich in media content that attracts interest in your law firm.

Items to include on a Facebook business page for your law firm are:

  • Professional photographs of attorney and staff
  • Photographs of the outside of your office and inside of your office
  • High-quality content, including blog posts, videos, checklists, FAQs, eBooks, resources, etc.
  • Upcoming events related to your town or law firm
  • Summaries and links to relevant news stories 
  • Surveys and questions that encourage interaction with your target audience
  • Client reviews and recommendations
  • Description of services provided by the law firm

Think about content that encourages you to click on a link or search for more information. That is the content you need on your Facebook business page. 

Before you begin any paid Facebook advertising company, learn more about your audience. With Audience Insights, you can learn about the people who visit your page.

This information provides insight into the type of people who might interact with your page so that you can customize ad campaigns.

Targeting to Inbound Traffic

You will have some inbound traffic to your law firm’s profile page. Facebook’s ad platform is able to retarget people who have visited your profile page or interacted with you on Facebook. 

From your Facebook Business page, install Facebook Pixel from the Business Manager. Once enabled, Facebook logs the data for Facebook users who visit your page. Having this data allows you to retarget those users in the future.

There are many options you can choose to retarget these individuals. Time, other pages visited, how they reached your business page, and what actions they may or may not have taken are just some of the data points you can target.

Demographic Targeting and Geographic Targeting

You can cast a wide net by simply targeting individuals based on demographics or their geographic area. 

Facebook compiles large sets of data about users including:

  • Gender
  • Age 
  • Location 
  • Marital/relationship status
  • Language
  • Education level
  • Interests 
  • And much more

Choosing different options for demographics and geographic locations calculates an estimate of how many people you may target. You can narrow the results or broaden the result by adjusting the data used for marketing.

Image Ads to Landing Pages

Image ads direct a user to a landing page on your law firm’s website. This form of Facebook marketing can increase contact with your law firm. You can use one image or a carousel ad that allows you to upload multiple images. 

You may want to test several image ads to determine which ads perform better. Facebook tracks the results for you so that you can customize your Facebook advertising budget by the success of an ad campaign. 

You should also test different landing pages on your website. Your image ad on Facebook might generate hundreds of clicks, but only a couple of leads from your home page.

However, the same Facebook ad directed to a landing page describing prior settlements and jury verdicts you obtained for other clients might generate a hundred leads.

Ads That Do Not Look Like Ads

Create a Facebook ad that does not look like an ad, and you can save money. The algorithms used by Facebook determine how well your ad is received.

An ad that does not appear like an advertisement is more popular with users compared to traditional advertisements. 

Therefore, offer the person valuable informational content. For example, instead of asking, “Do you need a personal injury lawyer?” or “Do I need a criminal defense lawyer?” try something like “10 Things Not to Do After a Traffic Accident.”

It will probably be less expensive to market the second advertisement because it appears to be helpful information instead of an advertisement for a law firm.

Create Videos for Your Ads

Blog posts are great, but many Facebook users prefer to watch something instead of reading a long blog. If possible, upload short videos instead of a blog. Adding captions to a video allows individuals to watch the video even if they cannot turn up the volume to hear what is being said. 

Also, use slideshares and infographics to engage with Facebook users. Using a variety of advertising material attracts a larger group of people.

Set Realistic Goals for Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

You cannot determine your return on investment if you do not set realistic and achievable advertising goals. Spending $100 and expecting to get 100 new clients is not reasonable nor achievable.

No one would use any other form of advertising if they could pay $1 in advertising funds for each new client. 

Use Consistent Branding 

It can be easy to overlook branding when you use Facebook marketing. There are so many formats and choices that it can be easy to lose track of your core branding. 

Keep the same colors, tone, message, and logos throughout your marketing campaign.

When visitors to your Facebook page click a link to one of your website landing pages, the transition should appear seamless. 

Always Include a Compelling Call to Action

A compelling call to action motivates a reader to take action. In most cases, the action is to click a link for more information. The link directs the person to a landing page on your website. 

When combined with attention-grabbing headlines, high-quality subject matter images, and original content, a call to action should turn into a lead in most cases.

Create Facebook Ads with Mobile Devices in Mind

Most Facebook users access the platform on smartphones. Therefore, your Facebook ads need to work well on all electronic devices.

You may need to change the design, including the images you use, ad copy, length, and orientation. 

Should My Law Firm Advertise on Facebook?

Facebook marketing is an effective and budget-friendly advertising option for many law firms. 

Facebook ads generally work well for law firms that provide consumer-based legal services such as:

You can opt to use Facebook as a free marketing tool. However, the majority of leads come from paid Facebook marketing tools.

Using the paid features of Facebook Ads can generate more leads for your law firm. However, you need to use the tools that work best for your legal practice. Before jumping into a paid marketing campaign, make sure of the free Facebook advertising tools. 

After you have a firm grasp on using the free advertising tools, research the paid advertising options from Facebook. If you are unsure how to proceed, you might want to consult an SEO professional and marketing strategist. 

Marketing and attorney SEO specialists understand how to:

  • Use Facebook profiles and content to demonstrate your law firm’s expertise
  • Use Messenger to provide another usable contact for leads
  • Build a social audience through quality content
  • Access and analyze data to provide feedback for future advertising campaigns

The power of Facebook advertising is undeniable. Many law firms have used it as an effective marketing tool and a way to reach new clients or find leads for their business, which has proven especially useful in today’s digital age where people turn primarily to social media outlets when searching for information.

The ease of use combined with the customizable features that are available on Facebook make this platform one worth considering if you’re looking for ways to grow your client base. 

If you’re looking for a way to reach new clients or find leads in your area and have not yet tried Facebook advertising, now is the time. The best law firm SEO company can help.

At LawRank, our team of SEO experts is ready and waiting to help you get started with this powerful marketing strategy. Contact us today if you need assistance creating an effective PPC campaign on Facebook that gets results.